This site doodles selected essays by C.S. Lewis in order to make them easier to understand.

The Narnia Code
All Videos: An in-depth interview explaining simply the connection between C.S. Lewis' Seven Narnian Chronicles and the Seven Medieval Heavens.

'The Witness' Musical
The Story of Jesus is told and sung for you by Peter - "the witness' - and the other men and women who know Him best. It's the world's most extraordinary true story, told by the ordinary people whose lives were transformed by their encounter with a carpenter who was much more than He seemed. Barry McGuire is Peter, the fishman who became an apostle; Anne Herring sings the funny, touch song of Peter's wife; Jamie Owens-Collins is Mary, the mother of Jesus, who shares the secret of finding favour with God; Steve and Tim Archer are the "Sons of Thunder," James and John; and Carol Owens is their mother who watches out for her boys; Matthew Ward is the tormented Judas. Nell Ward-Friesen, Joni Speaks, Dan Collins and Buddy Owens also lend their considerable singing talents to the story.

Listen and enjoy. It's the best news you will ever hear.

'The Glory of Christmas' Musical
Rediscover Christmas with 'The Glory of Christmas' musical that traces the story of the incarnation from the Archangel Gabriel's announcement to Jesus' prophetic dedication at the Jerusalem Temple. Amazing!

The Patois Bible
Sometimes hearing the Bible in a familiar version loses its impact. Listen to the Bible like you've never heard it before - in Jamaican English. Translated from the original Greek manuscripts.