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 The Four Biblical Causes of Divorce
This slideshow presents new biblical research on divorce in cases of abuse and neglect in the Old Testament. Where do the traditional marriage vows come from and what do they mean?

 You Shall Not Slave-Trade
How is it that God requires some forms of slavery in the Old Testament and yet He acts to free Israel from slavery? How did Ancient Israel operate without a large prison system?

 Eating Your Own Tithes!
Did you know that most tithes were eaten by the tither in the Old Testament? Get an idea as to how the Old Testament system worked.

 The Mighty Warrior and His Princess
Why do God's methods look so shocking? Why did God choose to send his Son to earth in the womb of an unwed mother! Find out about the God who tests our hearts with jealousy.

 The Worst Wedding in the World
(Part 1)

Ever been to a bad wedding? The Bible contains a story of a wedding that will beat yours hands down! Imagine a wedding where the guests hate the groom, cheat him and deflower his bride! An amazing look at the wonderful justice of God that avenges His enemies in perfect proportion to their crimes.

 Samson, The Case of the Misjudged Judge (Part 2)
Ever been unfairly spoken about? This presentation will make you feel much better! The life of Samson as you have never seen him before. A look at God's wonderful sense of justice – a great comfort to the oppressed and distressed.

 The Levite and His Concubine (Part 1)
One of the worst stories in the Bible is actually one of its hidden jewels. Discover one of the best explanations of the Gospel you will ever find.

 The Tale of Two Cities (Part 2)
Discover what the Old Testament's rules of Just War were all about.

 I Am Ready (Joseph Part 1)
Three little words marked the beginning of Joseph’s awesome adventure to help his brothers - yet this mission was far greater and of far greater help than either Joseph or Jacob ever imagined. In this presentation we look at what it means to be chosen by God.

 Shocking Judah and His Shock Transformation (Joseph Part 2)
What changed Judah from being a man who sold his half-brother Joseph into slavery, into one who would give himself as a slave to save his other half-brother Benjamin? A fresh look at the intervening years that transformed Judah into a man worthy of praise.

 Turning the Other Cheek (Part 1)
Can you accept true love? Can you accept a true rebuke? How about from a lowly source? How do you react when you are misjudged by those you thought would understand? Did you know that ‘turning the other cheek’ is an action that was done by saints throughout the entire Old Testament? Discover what the most famous of Jesus’ sayings actually means.

 The Short History of Biblical Face Slapping (Part 2)
Did Jesus offer his other cheek when He was slapped on the face? How about the Prophet Micaiah or the Apostle Paul? Discover what the most famous of Jesus’ sayings actually means at its highest level.

 Tricked by God (Part 1)
Is it ever the duty of a Christian to lie or be secretive? Can a Christian be a spy and help his military, or be an undercover police officer and bring down a criminal organisation? Let’s take a look at all the greatest lies and tricks played by the greatest saints of the Bible.

 Tricked by God (Part 2)
Did King David, Jesus or God ever hide the truth or trick righteously? If God can not lie and can not be unjust, how can God ever mete out proportional justice to a liar? Let’s take a careful look at the awesome justice of God, that repays even liars and perjurers in perfect proportion.

 Roman Divorce
How does what the Apostle Paul say fit into the four biblical causes of divorce mentioned in the Old Testament? Great advice for those who plan to marry again.

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